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Jobs at Aviation Park North Sea

Your new job at Aviation Park North Sea or one of the resident companies

Aviation Park North Sea has many career opportunities for aircraft mechanics, office workers, air traffic controllers, and security personnel. Emden and the beautiful East Frisian hinterland offer beautiful nature, culturally exciting and affordable housing close to the Dutch and Danish borders. An attractive working environment. Look for yourself for suitable job offers from local companies.

EMO: Ems Maritime Offshore GmbH 

Services for the offshore industry

HeliService international GmbH

Helicopter flights for commercial customers, especially the offshore industry

HTM: Helicopter Travel Munich GmbH, Standort Emden

Charter helicopter flights 
Helicopter flights for the offshore industry

NHC: Northern HeliCopter GmbH

Offshore transport and rescue 
Emergency evacuation, photo, film or sightseeing flights

OutSmart GmbH Asset Management/Betriebsführung Offshore-Betriebszentrale