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Things to know for takeoff and landing

Things to know for pilots

Approach and airfield data

Everything you expect from a modern business airport can be found at Aviation Park North Sea. To make it as easy as possible for you, we have clearly summarized the most important information below. Please direct individual inquiries beyond this to  tower@fluplatz-emden.de

Map view

The current detailed map of the runway at Aviation Park North Sea


The contractor at Aviation Park North Sea is TotalEnergies SE.

Available fuels:
Total oils available

Aero 80/100 /D80 /100 /15w50

Prices are always reset by TotalEnergies on the 1st of the month and are usually updated here on the homepage immediately. In case of doubt, check with Aviation Park North Sea's technical department for the valid daily price before you start refueling.

As a means of payment we accept:

(Updated in 09/2022)

  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • electronic card
  • Bezahl-App aerops
  • SEPA-Lastschrift

Please understand that we do not dispense fuel on account.

Contact person technology 
Peter Wagenaar, Malte Kalkwarf
+04921 / 66 97 90

Customs / Border clearance

Please notify in time before arrival/departure:
1. German Federal Police
    bpoli.badbentheim.einsatz@polizei.bund.de and
2. German customs 
For the customs exemption application use form 0006

The pilot is responsible for the proper transmission of all relevant data including a complete crew and passenger list to the Federal Police and Customs.

Please note that due to the COVID19 pandemic, entry restrictions are possible and may change at short notice. Information on this can be obtained from the German Foreign Office.

Saftey Management

Safety Policy of Flugplatz Emden GmbH


Safety management is one of our core business processes and serves to prevent accidents in order to protect people and property. 
By maintaining a perceptibly high standard of safety, we promote this quality feature and thus create trust among our customers and business partners. Safety management is a prerequisite for economic success.
All levels of management are responsible for achieving a high level of safety. 
The management bears the ultimate responsibility for the safety policy of Flugplatz Emden GmbH.

Our commitment:

  • We maintain an airport-wide Safety Management System and continuously develop it by setting realistic safety targets and regularly reviewing our safety levels.
  • We provide the necessary human and financial resources for the effective implementation of the Safety Policy.
  • We promote an open and transparent safety culture at Emden Air Base. We ensure that no sanctions are imposed on employees who submit safety concerns through the reporting system.
  • We define processes to identify hazards and eliminate risks from airfield operations as low as reasonably practicable.
  • We comply with the relevant statutory regulations and guidelines in the area of operational security. Unavoidable deviations are documented and how to deal with them is determined together with the supervisory authority.
  • We require that third-party services and systems supporting our airport operations meet our safety requirements.

Valid from 01 January 2023

Landing fees at a glance
Landing feesLanding feesPosition charges
Reduced (with Noise Certificate)Regular (without Noise Certificate)The position charge for each 24 hours or part thereof with a maximum takeoff weight is as follows
in the weight range
up to 1000 kg10,00 EUR20,00 EUR5,00 EUR
1001 kg to 1200 kg12,00 EUR24,00 EUR6,00 EUR
1201 kg to 1400 kg19,00 EUR38,00 EUR7,00 EUR
1401 kg to 1600 kg25,00 EUR50,00 EUR8,00 EUR
1601 kg to 2000 kg29,00 EUR58,00 EUR9,00 EUR
2001 kg to 3000 kg47,00 EUR94,00 EUR14,00 EUR
3001 kg to 4000 kg62,00 EUR124,00 EUR19,00 EUR
4001 kg to 5000 kg77,00 EUR154,00 EUR23,00 EUR
5001 kg to 6000 kg107,00 EUR214,00 EUR28,00 EUR
6001 kg bis 7000 kg122,00 EUR244,000 EUR33,00 EUR
Above that for each commenced
1000 kg of the maximum takeoff weight21,00 EUR42,00 EUR6,00 EUR

All charges are charges within the meaning of Section 10 (1) of the German Value Added Tax Act (Umsatzsteuergesetz). Therefore, the debtor of the fee has to pay the sales tax additionally.

Further fees and explanations can be found in the fee schedule.